About Us

About Us

Erudite Welfare Society

We Erudite Welfare Society are a Non Government Organization (NGO) registered to functions through out India and abroad. Our prime goal is to provide a better and a happier life for children and young adults. We run many campaigns and work along with schools and colleges, communities across India to improve the quality of life.


Our Activities include

      • Agricultural activities

      • Community services

      • Cultural activities

      • Educational programmes (formal & Informal) 

      • Environment development 

      • Health & family welfare

      • Help to poor and aged 

      • Marketing facilities

      • Rural development programmes

      • Seminars / training camps / workshops/ debates / national regional & international meetings for various.

      • Awareness campaigns.

      • Welfare of the children

      • Welfare of the consumer

      • Welfare of the women / girls

      • Welfare of animals

      • Religion activities

      • Foreign collaboration and contribution

      • Waste land development

      • Natural calamities, drought / floods and cyclones 

      • Campaign & Fund raising

      • Consultancy

      • Information technology

    Our Erudite Welfare Society is a non-governmental organization dedicated to making a positive impact in various areas of society. Since its inception, we have been actively involved in a wide range of welfare activities aimed at enhancing the well-being of individuals and communities across different sectors.

    Overview of Welfare Activities

    Our welfare activities encompass a diverse array of initiatives aimed at addressing various social, economic, and environmental challenges. From agricultural development to cultural preservation, educational empowerment to health and family welfare, we are committed to fostering holistic growth and development at every level.

    Agricultural Activities

    In rural areas, we support farmers through initiatives aimed at improving agricultural practices, promoting sustainable farming methods, and enhancing access to markets and resources.

    Community Services

    We actively engage with local communities to identify their needs and provide essential services such as healthcare, sanitation, and infrastructure development.

    Cultural Activities

    Preserving cultural heritage is integral to our mission. Through cultural events, workshops, and festivals, we strive to celebrate diversity and promote cultural understanding and harmony.

    Educational Programmes

    Education is a cornerstone of our efforts. We offer formal and informal educational programmes to empower individuals with knowledge and skills essential for personal and professional growth.

    Environmental Development

    Protecting the environment is a priority. We undertake various initiatives for conservation, sustainable resource management, and environmental awareness.

    Health & Family Welfare

    Ensuring the well-being of individuals and families is central to our mission. We provide healthcare services, promote preventive care, and support initiatives for maternal and child health.

    Support for the Poor and Aged

    We extend assistance to the underprivileged and elderly through welfare schemes, financial aid, and social support programmes.

    Marketing Facilities

    Empowering local entrepreneurs and artisans is crucial for economic development. We facilitate access to markets and provide support for marketing and branding initiatives.

    Rural Development Programmes

    Our rural development programmes aim to address poverty, unemployment, and social inequality through skill development, livelihood enhancement, and infrastructure development.

    Seminars/Training Camps/Workshops

    We organize seminars, training camps, and workshops to facilitate knowledge exchange, capacity building, and skill enhancement across various sectors.

    Awareness Campaigns

    Creating awareness on critical issues such as health, hygiene, education, and environmental conservation is vital. We conduct awareness campaigns through various mediums to reach a wider audience.

    Support for Children, Consumers, Women/Girls, and Animals

    We advocate for the rights and welfare of vulnerable groups, including children, consumers, women/girls, and animals, through targeted interventions and support programmes.

    Religious Activities

    Promoting interfaith harmony and religious tolerance is part of our ethos. We support interfaith dialogue, cultural exchanges, and initiatives for peace-building and reconciliation.

    Foreign Collaboration and Contribution

    Collaboration with international organizations and donors enables us to leverage resources and expertise for greater impact and reach.

    Waste Land Development

    Addressing environmental degradation and pollution is crucial. We undertake waste land development projects for reclamation and restoration of degraded lands.

    Relief Efforts for Natural Calamities

    In times of natural disasters such as droughts, floods, and cyclones, we provide immediate relief and support for affected communities.

    Campaigns and Fundraising

    Raising funds is essential for sustaining our welfare activities. We conduct campaigns and fundraising events to garner support from individuals, corporations, and philanthropic organizations.

    Consultancy Services

    We offer consultancy services in various areas such as community development, sustainable agriculture, and environmental management, leveraging our expertise and experience.

    Information Technology Initiatives

    Harnessing the power of technology is key to our approach. We implement IT initiatives for improved governance, transparency, and efficiency in our operations.

    Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays a vital role in driving positive social change. By aligning business interests with societal needs, companies can contribute to sustainable development and community welfare.

    Request for Donation

    We invite your esteemed company to partner with us in our mission to create a more equitable and sustainable world. Your support through CSR funding would enable us to expand our reach and impact, touching the lives of countless individuals and communities in need.

    Certifications and Tax Exemption

    As a registered NGO, we hold 80G and 12A certificates, ensuring tax exemption for both donors and ourselves. Your contribution would not only make a difference in the lives of those we serve but also offer tax benefits for your company.


    Our Erudite Welfare Society is dedicated to fostering positive change and making a meaningful difference in society. Through our diverse range of welfare activities and partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals, we are committed to building a brighter future for all.


    1. How can my company benefit from partnering with your NGO? Partnering with our NGO offers your company the opportunity to fulfill its corporate social responsibility, enhance brand reputation, and make a tangible impact on society.

    2. Can we specify how our donation is utilized? Yes, you can specify the area or project you wish to support, and we will ensure that your donation is allocated accordingly.

    3. Are donations to your NGO tax-deductible? Yes, donations made to our NGO are eligible for tax exemption under sections 80G and 12A of the Income Tax Act.

    4. How transparent is your NGO in its operations and fund utilization? We maintain complete transparency in our operations and regularly publish financial reports detailing fund utilization and project outcomes.

    5. How can we get involved beyond financial contributions? Beyond financial contributions, companies can get involved through employee volunteering, in-kind donations, and corporate partnerships for specific projects or initiatives.

    If you feel passionately about helping our youth over come many social- emotional- economical issues of today then join us and help us build a better tomorrow for the entire nation. These young minds will build our tomorrow.

    Some of our on going campaigns are Awareness Programme against Drug abuse, better communication of teenagers and young adults at home, creating your own support system and dealing with peer and other pressures. We began our visits to various schools and colleges in August 2013, and continue to spread the light. We have qualified counselors on board for individual support of members. Be part of People Welfare Society.

    NGO Registration and Certification

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    We also have given support to educators to establish formal educational centers to support the local education to enhance and enrich education, providing employment to educators to develop “Centre of excellence” in their locality with the brand name Erudite Guru. through a website eruditeguru.in

    About Us

    Note : Donations to Erudite Welfare Society are tax exempted Under Section 80G of Income Tax Act of 1961, India.

    ACCOUNT NO : 27530200001304
    MICR CODE : 500012019

    Donate Now

    Cheques and DDs can be drawn in favour of ERUDITE WELFARE SOCIETY and send to our Office address : 2-5-121/1, Beside SBI, Patel Chowk, Yellandu, Bhadradri-kothagudem  507123